T&I Transformation

Just as Cable & Wireless Communications, Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico and VTR Chile have come together to form Liberty Latin America, we are now aligning all three Operational Companies under a single operating structure. 

This will unlock the benefits of leveraging our scale, talent, partner relations and network capability. It will also help us fully optimize the significant organic and inorganic growth opportunities that exist within the region.

In short, we are becoming more efficient so we can grow and better serve our customers! Creating this global T&I function is essential to our strategy. It will help us win with our customers, embed operational excellence and align our group of companies under one operating principle.  

As part of this process, our T&I function will be redesigned from vertically integrated OpCos to a “shared service” approach. Shared services create the opportunity to leverage scale for key services and processes to support the whole company.  We are able to expand best practices, vendors, and most importantly talent to generate greater results for everyone.


Hi, I’m Vivek Khemka, Chief Technology and Product Officer at Liberty Latin America. 
I’m happy to join Liberty Latin America at such a time as this.
We are entering a dynamic, new phase of change and transformation within our T&I Operations —all designed to actualize our Vision. 
Come see what we plan to do…
Under this new global model: We will (i) simplify our organizational structure (ii) outline and clarify roles, responsibilities and (iii) outline a new decision-making process in order to achieve our ambitious growth goals. 
As you can see, we have big plans for LLA. Plans for growth, efficiency and excellence as we serve our current and future customers. We’re excited to have you join us on this journey as together we bring to fruition all Liberty Latin America can be.

The T&I Transformation positions you—our employees and most valuable asset—for greater success. It will provide opportunities to grow and develop careers globally. As we align under one operational structure,  inter-market opportunities will become more easily accessible while also allowing for a simpler acclimation process. This aligned structure will also provide us one “language” to better communicate between markets and make us more efficient in our day-to-day operations.


What I love about our culture:

I love that we are creating opportunities for people to grow and develop their careers within LLA. Already, we have people taking on new or expanded roles, working in different countries and learning new things. People who raise their hands or willing to try things outside of their comfort zone are benefiting from this. In the People team we have established a talent rotation program and this year, two up and coming talents in the people team have moved out of Chile and Puerto Rico to spend 3 months in Denver.

What do you love about our culture? I look forward to hearing your stories from our first year as Liberty Latin America.