Leadership in Action: Vivek Khemka


Following my interview with Naji Khoury, today I’m speaking with Vivek Khemka. Vivek is the newest member of our executive team having joined just a few months ago from Dish Networks here in the U.S

Welcome Vivek. 

  • You’ve been here 3 months... What is one thing you already love about your role? One thing that keeps you awake at night? 

  • You’re leading one of the biggest change initiatives within the company. Why is Transformation important?

  • What leadership qualities help you stay focused when leading change?

  • And finally, one piece of advice you’d have for others facing change in their role? 

As we grow and scale our business across the Caribbean and Latin American region, change and transformation is inevitable... but so is opportunity, personal growth and challenge. Key components of our culture.